COVID Track and Trace Functionality

You can now use Slate for Covid track and tracing!

We have now introduced new Covid Track and Trace functionality – you can easily track and see everyone who has attended an event, and provide a report to governing bodies/authorities if needed. 

Below are instructions on how to get going with the Slate Covid Track and Tracing. 

1. Track and tracing at matches or paid training sessions
In order to track and trace participants at a match or a paid training session, all you have to do is create an event and enter the date, the time/duration, the match details, the location and the players that took part. Once the event is “confirmed” you are done.

2. Track and tracing at training/session which the participants don’t pay
Via the treasurer portal you can create an event type called “training” and set the fee amount as zero. When training takes place, you can create an event called “training” and enter the required information and then select who took part. With the fee amount set as zero for training sessions, no player will have to pay, and the club will have a record of who took part.

3. Non playing members/spectators
In order to track non paying members at matches or training, simply add them to the club’s Slate system via the treasurer portal and then create a new “fee level” for non paying members/spectators and set the amount to zero. Therefore, when you can add them to the event, there is no charge but you track that they were there.

4. Member information required for Covid
You will be required to provide detailed player information to governing bodies/authorities for Track and Trace e.g.  phone numbers, address etc. Via the treasurer portal, on the “Player Information” menu option, you simply set the information you need to  “required” and then the next time a player logs onto their Slate app, they will be asked to enter this information.

5. How to access the Covid Track and Trace report?
The Covid Track and Trace report can be accessed via the treasurer portal in the “report” section.  Click on the drop down menu where is says “report type” and select the “Covid Track and Trace report”. 

As always, if you need any assistance, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]