What customers say

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“It removes a huge admin burden from the club treasurer and with the increasing pressure on people’s time this is really important. We’ve gone cashless now, and we  wonder how we ever collected match fee money the ancient cash way”.

Chairman, Hampstead CC

“We had an end of season meeting last week and everyone was extremely happy with Slate, the ease of it for the captains and players, the ease for me and our treasurer to check the GC site to see the accounts. We have new captains who are coming in to a couple of the teams and they are excited to use it.”

Treasurer, Old Dorkinians FC

“So much easier for youngsters to pay. Once younger players owed a few weeks’ match fees it added up. They just kept forgetting to bring cash to pay and then the debt became too large.”

Manager, Brockham FC

“First season using @TheSlateApp. A captains dream….No more money chasing and the app is perfect!”

East Grinstead CC

“Treasurers/captains/players – check out @TheSlateApp. Making collecting our match fees simple!”

Gidea Park & Romford CC

“@TheSlateApp made our match fee collection easy and simple. And more cash comes in without hassle”

Wimbledon CC

“If match fee collection is a ‘nightmare’ every week, look @TheSlateApp, trialled it last night at nets, it’s a ‘game changer”

Hampstead CC

“Very successful start to the season using @TheSlateApp, highly recommend it, making collecting match fees a lot easier!”

Dartford CC

“Treasurers/Skips: check out @TheSlateApp, making collecting our match fees simple”.

Weirside Rangers FC

“Surrey clubs: check out Slate for collecting your match fees. Saves loads of hassle and we’re getting a lot more people paying @TheSlateApp”

Weybridge CC

“I’ve seen Slate in action at my own Cricket Club, Eastbourne CC, and it has made life for captains, players and the club so much easier! For all you clubs out there that are still spending time carrying about cash, trying to find the time to get to the bank with it… please consider Slate.”

Eastbourne Cricket Club

“If match fee collection is a “nightmare” every week, look at @TheSlateApp. All our captains and players love it”

Dorkinian FC

“If clubs want to make life easier get the Slate Match Fee app. Less hassle, easy to use and more money in!”

Eastbourne CC

“We’re now using Slate to collect our match fees and would highly recommend it! Saves loads of time and hassle for captains and treasurers”

Harbourne CC