Slate is easy to use

Slate enables you to collect and monitor payments to your club, send reminders to players, share fixtures, and more.


As a designated team manager, you’ll be able to set up fixtures in the app and select your players.

  • With one click after each match Slate will send a payment notification to every player.
  • Players can pay quickly and easily via the app. Those not yet registered can still pay by cash, simply confirm their payment on the system and keep track with Slate.
  • Late payers? Slate automatically sends a reminder email to players who haven’t yet paid.
  • Access downloadable reports on your desktop 24/7 to monitor payments and revenue.
Slate is really flexible

Create multiple fixtures and assign different fees with Slate.

  • You can create multiple fixtures in Slate and assign different fees to each if needed.
  • For example, fees for home and away games may vary so you can assign individual fees for different fixture types.
  • If you charge just one fee for every fixture, simply set up a single fixture called ‘Matches’.
  • Slate can also be used for other payments, such as annual subs, club events, and more.
  • For example, if you collect three subs during the year you can set up three events on your chosen dates and collect payments accordingly.
  • You may also have more than one type of club membership, perhaps by age group or team. The fee categories section in Slate enables you to specify different amounts for each.

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